Mustafa Barghouti om tillståndet på västbanken

Washington Note är en intressant amerikansk blogg kring amerikanska utrikes och säkerhets politik. Här intervjuas Mustafa Barghouti om tillståndet på västbanken och reaktionen på Barak Obamas tal i Israel.

The Washington Note

Mustafa Barghouti is one of Palestine’s real gems — a former doctor turned political leader who previously ran for the presidency of Palestine. He now heads the Palestinian National Initiative and is an advocate of non-violent resistance against Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

I interview Barghouti in my office yesterday, July 24, and found that while he was and remains an enthusiast for Barack Obama — his hope is being replaced by ‘disappointment.’

This for me was an incredible five minute exchange — but particularly disturbing was his comment that road blocks and barriers to movement before the Annapolis process started number 521. Today, there are 607. Settlements are growing at a faster pace after Annapolis than before. This is wrong.