Gates kvar som försvarsminister under Obama?


Att republikanen och den föredetta CIA chefen och analytikern Robert Gates förväntas bli kvar i Pentagon är också en intressant utveckling i Obamas nya administration. Gates kan också sägas höra till den inre cirkeln i George Bush den äldres första administration och var senare rektor för George Bush school of goverment affairs vid texas universitetet A&M . Och förövrigt om det nu har någon betydelse längre en av de som fälldes i Iran-Contra affären för att ha ljugit för kongressen. Om Obama mantrat var ‘change’ visar sig den verklige Obama vara en iskall pragmatiker hade jag sagt. Vilket jag förstås alltid trott.

Gates agrees to stay on under Obama – Mike Allen –

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has agreed to stay on under President-elect Barack Obama, according to officials in both parties. Obama plans to announce a national-security team early next week that includes Gates at the Pentagon and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as secretary of state, officials said.

Retired Marine Gen. James Jones, former Marine commandant and commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, will be named national security adviser, the officials said.

The national security adviser heads the National Security Council, which is the part of the White House structure that deals with foreign policy, and varies in influence from presidency to presidency. Jones insisted on – and got – a commanding role, the sources said.

Democrats familiar with the national-security event early next week said they also expect James Steinberg, who was deputy national security adviser in the Clinton administration, to be named deputy secretary of State; Susan Rice, Obama’s senior foreign policy adviser on the campaign, to be named U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; and retired Adm. Dennis Blair, the former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Command and a veteran of the NSC, Central Intelligence Agency and Joint Chiefs of Staff, to be named the director of national intelligence.

Tom Donilon, an assistant secretary of state for public affairs and chief of staff at the U.S. Department of State during the Clinton administration, is a leading candidate to be Jones’ deputy at the NSC, officials said.

The team gives Obama experience in the bureaucracy and credibility with the military, although it could lead to criticism from his party’s left wing that the lineup is more hawkish and less revolutionary than his supporters expected.


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